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You do not put on weight with Jamón Ibérico

Published : 09/21/2013 15:23:31
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You do not put on weight with Jamón Ibérico

Who can resist a good jamón ibérico? I am just writing about it and my mouth is just watering. The fact is jamón ibérico lowers cholesterol levels, blood pressure and minimizes blood clots danger and is a good source of vitamin E, helping the body in its antioxidant role and beyond all medical acts it is a real treat.


The ham does not change our body weight and reduces the blood lipids, making your heart healthier, this product is turbo charged with healthy properties. So jamón ibérico should be on our diet no matter what, we just have to consume it with some restraint.


People used to believe that jamón ibérico would make them gain weight seeing the grease that exudates from its external layer.This is totally wrong.You will not become overweight eating jamón ibérico. It is the healthiest cold meat and has the lowest amount of saturated fats in the whole world.


There are only 100 to 125 Kcal for every 50 grams serving, which makes it the best option even in very low calorie diets, consuming it in a moderate way, per every 100 grams of jamón ibérico there are only 7 grams of saturated fat, which means 2.8% of ingested energy, much lower than the 7% daily recommended amount.


- Proteins: It is full of really good quality proteins.

- Fats: Although it contains fats, they are very well balanced.

Fat quality is superb, being the most of it oleic acid, more than 50% of the total, which is really impressing. Oleic acid helps to produce HDL cholesterol, known as “good cholesterol” and lowering the levels of LDL (or bad cholesterol). It is proven that its moderate consumption is beneficial for healthy cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Acorn jamón ibérico is not only a good option for any diet, it does not put weight on you, and besides it offers impressive nutritional value being a good source of proteins and vitamins.


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- Acorn Jamón ibérico has:


- Vitamins: Jamón ibérico is a pretty source of Vitamin B, especially B1, B6 and B12, it contains folic acid which is quite helpful for the nervous system and brain functions. The intake of 100 grams of ham represents 24% of the daily recommended dose of these vitamins. Additionally it supplies a high volume of vitamin E which is a very powerful antioxidant.

- Minerals:  It is rich in minerals like Cooper (Cu) which is vital for bones and cartilages, Calcium (Ca), Iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn), Magnesium (Mg), Phosphorus (Ph) y Selenium (Se), with well-known ANTI-AGING properties.

- Digestible: Jamón ibérico is easy to digest as it is low in collagen. Due to the aging of the meat and the action of protein enzymes which break proteins into amino acids our digestive system can work easier on the amino acids.

- Uric acid: Pork meat has the less quantity of puric bases (these compounds turn into uric acid when they are metabolised in human body) so it is a very safe food for people who suffer from gout.

- Cardiovascular health: Many clinical studies have proven that a moderate intake of jamón ibérico lowers cholesterol levels and helps to decrease blood pressure, minimise the chance of blood clots and reduces the plasma lipids level.


As you can see jamón ibérico is one of the healthiest cold meats available and its moderate eating provides enormous benefits for our body.

Beyond that if a ham is an acorn Iberian ham it can be eaten through pregnancy without any risk as it is very well cured.


Lastly let me remind you that true jamón ibérico fans never cut off the fat of the ham, it is the tastiest part, it will not put weight on you and it is very nutritious.

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02/4/2014 11:38:07

Hola Rocío, ¡que sí!, ¡que que jamón de Jamonify no engorda!. Además, no vas s poder quitarle la grasa, rica en oligoelmentos y que le da ese sabor tan especial, por una razón bien sencilla: está infiltrada por todo el jamón :). Gracias por compartir tus comentarios con nosotros. Un abrazo


12/26/2013 22:34:45

Hola, me alegra saber que el jamón no engorda, aunque no me ha convencido lo suficiente para dejar de quitarle la grasa, por lo menos al jamón serrano... la del ibérico la dejaré :D Saludos!!

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