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Published : 01/31/2014 08:00:04
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Recently the Spanish cabinet have approved the law that regulates the quality norms for the meat, the ham, and the Iberico pork loin that clarifies all the information the producers should supply the consumers both in labelling and packaging and also it is more rigorous and less lenient about the production processes and denomination of every Iberico pork product

These rules try to end the overproduction, the absence of controls, the price dumping with prices lower than Serrano ham and above all the fraud.

This legislation will simplify the sales designations which are now only 3: bellota (only acorn fed pigs), de cebo de campo (acorn and fodder fed pigs) and cebo (only fodder fed pigs).



On the label the producer must show the percentage of Iberico breeding meaning that if they are pure Iberico breeding pigs labels should state 100% Iberico. If the porks were the result of mixed breeding the producer must declare in the labels the percentage of every breeding. This way the generic label 'pata negra' ( black paw) from now on will only be used in 100% Iberico breeding pigs product.

Every designation (this will apply only for Iberico hams) will carry a different colour:


-Black: for pigs that are fed only acorns roaming free and they are 100% Iberico breeding (this breeding is unique in the world: they are descendants of pure Iberico breeding pigs, they have been fed only acorn and herbs and raised in freedom roaming in the wild)


-Red: for Iberico pigs (these pigs have been born from 2 different breeding Duroc and Iberico breeding and they have been fed only acorn and herbs and raised in freedom roaming in the wild)


-Green: for the acorn and fodder pigs (these porks have been fed with acorn and fodder and have been raised roaming in the wild)

-White: for the only fodder Iberico pigs (these pigs have been fed only fodder and raised in a farm)


Regarding the products the new law asks for a minimum weight for every product to avoid the sales of tiny products that did not catch up with production standards and did not satisfy consumer expectations

In Spain we consume both 100% Iberico breeding pig fed on acorns and also mixed breeding of Ibérico pigs, actually most of the hams (around 85% of total production) are from mixed breeding as producers can obtain a high quality Iberico ham with a more reasonable price. The quantity of Iberico ham made of 100% Iberico pigs is limited as it is very expensive to produce it. As an example during 2011 Spaniards bought more than four millions of Iberico ham produced from mixed breeding pigs while only 65.000 units of Iberico ham from 100% pure Iberico pigs were sold. To learn more on this issue you can watch a very interesting online video made by TVE (the public Spanish television).

This new legislation will help the consumer to distinguish the real thing versus the frauds that claim to be Iberico hams and they are just fakes.


A real acorn Iberico ham offers an unrivalled aroma and it will melt in your mouth at the very first bite, this is its sign of identity.

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Jamon iberico gourmet

02/4/2014 10:35:24

Esta diferenciación hacía falta para el consumidor que se dispone a comprar un jamón ibérico sin tener idea de las diferencias.

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