by jamonify


French State Television

Program "C'est au Programme"

3 November 2014




Jamonify en France2

Jamonify has been selected by France2 from a wide variety of Iberico hams, for the demonstration that took place on this channel about exclusive high quality foods that contain umami flavour. The fifth flavour that only a few and selected products possess like Jamonify, known as Umami.


The journalist Aurélia Bloch, on the minute 10:50 of the program that runs Sophie Davant, explained how the Umami flavor of Iberian ham Jamonify, hand sliced, fills up the whole palate with a delicious feeling leaving an aftertaste.


"Le 5éme Gogût Débarque" [C'est au Programme]



Umani en France2


Jamonify en France2



Jamón Ibérico en France2


Aurélie Bloch y Jamonify