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Terms and conditions of saleTerms and conditions of saleTerms and conditions of sale

1. Introduction


The general conditions of use and sale detailed below (hereinafter called ‘General Conditions’), rule all the contract relations between any buyer in the website (hereinafter called the ‘Client’) and the company Stretch y Retractil SL., owner of the web (hereinafter called the ‘Shop’).


All the purchases in the Shop are ruled by the general conditions in force when the order is placed. To place an order, you will have to accept all our sale general conditions once you have read them.


In case a condition is missing in this document, it will be subject to the professional regulations of the Distance Selling Association.

The law provides for a period of fourteen calendar days from receipt of the order to withdraw the purchase. But given that this is a foodstuff, freshly cut and very specific conditions of storage, it is exempt from this obligation. Therefore paragraph Guarantee Jamonify we indicate how to return the product if it arrived damaged or in poor condition.

2. Jamonify Guarantee


If you have just picked up and opened the goods and they are not in perfect condition, we will replace them for free. You must send an email with a picture of the product and explain the problem to us. After analysing your complaint we will send the courier agency to pick the goods up in order to check and replace them if needed. Do not send the goods without having contacted us before.

All the products have a recommendation on the expiry date, but this date must be understood as the moment when the quality starts to decrease significantly. The product can still be eaten. The Shop will not accept any liability if you eat the product after that date.

3. Prices and amounts. 

The prices of the products and the services are in Euros, VAT inclusive.


4. Damage during transportation


The goods are correctly packed and we work with a reliable transport agency. However, the goods may suffer some damage during transportation due to a theft, too high temperatures, an accident or any other cause.


Once you get your order, if the package is not in perfect condition, you should write it down in the delivery note before signing it, so that you can make a complaint later if necessary.


5. Customer’s registration


When the Customer makes a purchase from this website, the personal information collected enables us to process and deliver his or her order and prepare invoices. Purchase of products is only allowed to people of full age, so the Customer must type his or her date of birth together with his or her personal details. Any omission or untruth in this information will mean the cancellation of the orders.


When placing an order, you can allow us to keep your personal data for two years maximum and keep you posted via email about our

Promotions and about What’s New on our website. You can also refuse to do that and your data will be deactivated immediately. In order to see the information related to personal data protection, please read our Privacy Politics.

6. Laws 

These General Conditions are written pursuant to the Spanish Consumer and Customer Protection Act 26/84. The parts in this contract agree to solve any problem, disagreement or dispute that may arise when interpreting or fulfilling the foregoing contract under the arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona.