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What is Jamonify?What is Jamonify?What is Jamonify?


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Give a Luxury Gourmet experience as a present, Pata Negra



Jamonify is the most exclusive and luxury delicatessen in the world: the Jamon Iberico de Bellota (Cured Iberian free-range acorn-fed ham), `Pata Negra´, a unique gastronomic experience that you will be able to feel now, and not only dream of it. A tasteful, colorful and aromatic experience that will change your way of enjoying life and taking care of your body.


A thousand of unique flavours that will create an ecstasy in your mouth and your life. An aroma, colour and flavour impossible to beat.


An original gourmet present for those who want to be exclusive and avoid traditional gifts.


We only offer one product: Jamón Ibérico de bellota, Pata Negra, the best Spanish ham with the highest quality, the most exclusive delicatessen valued by the best and most important international gourmets.


In order to elaborate and select a Jamón Ibérico `Pata Negra´ with these features, we have needed a lot of time and effort. However, you will only need some seconds to enjoy its amazing flavour.


We select the best hams from the best and world known Acorn Ibérico ham production areas, that is Jabugo, Guijuelo and Extremadura, we do value our ham producers still make the Jamón Ibérico in the traditional way. This makes our Jamón Ibérico `Pata Negra´to be UNIQUE in the world.


After a careful and thorough aging process in our secaderos (natural drying area), the selected hams will develop a wide range of aromas and flavours until they get the perfection.

It is a slow, meticulous process, this is the reason our production is LIMITED.


Our Ham is hand cut by skilled artisans and vacuum packaged to preserve all its properties intact and guarantee the optimum preservation.

We will deliver it to you very quickly so you can uncover this gastronomic jewel with unique characteristics. Open the packaging and let the ham “breathe” until it gets room temperature, then enjoy one of the finest Acorn Ibérico ham in the world, Pata Negra.



Live a sensory unforgettable experience. Its aroma, its colour and its flavour will change your life.


Dare to be one of us.


Are you ready to be a Jamonifyer?



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