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Frequently asked questionsFrequently asked questionsFrequently asked questions

Why do you sell the ham Vaccum-Packed?


Because it guarantees the long preservation of the product, keeping its flavour, aroma, colour and texture.


Does jamon lose properties when vacuum-packed?


Jamon is vacuum-packed right after having been cut by our ‘ham masters’, so it keeps all it properties until the tasting.


What should I do before eating ham?


Sliced vacuum-packed jamon iberico guarantees a longer preservation. We recommend that you take the container out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before eating the jamon in order to let it be in contact with air so that you can appreciate all its aroma and flavour. Jamon must be at room temperature when tasting it. This way its sensory nuances become clear and highlight its unique aromas and flavours.


How should jamon be preserved?


It is essential to keep jamon refrigerated between 5 and 10 Celsius degrees ( 41º-50º F ).


What are those white spots in the jamon?


They are crystallisations of an amino acid called thyroxin that appears along the degradation of proteins. They are not harmful at all. On the contrary, their presence usually means an excellent curing and maturation process.   


When will I get my order?


In 48 hours maximum. 

Orders placed on Friday, bank holidays or at the weekend will be prepared the next working day so that they are as fresh as possible.

This deadline can be modified due to problems during transportation or for any other reasons beyond our control.


Jamonify will provide the customer with a tracking number that will allow the customer to check his or her order at any time.  


To which countries does Jamonify ship?


To all the European countries. For other countries, please contact us:


Border and Customs Procedures


All Jamonify products can be shipped legally to all the countries we serve. For certain countries, Jamonify includes the documentation required by the pertinent authorities in the package so that there will be no customs problems. There are no additional taxes to be paid.


What happens if I am not at home when the carrier brings my parcel?


In this case the driver will leave a notice with a telephone number for you to call, to agree on a new delivery day and time.

If on the second delivery attempt by the carrier no one is at the destination address, you must go to the nearest carrier office to

pick it up.