by jamonify
Gourmet luxury PresentGourmet luxury PresentGourmet luxury Present

Regalo exclusivo



You will be successful with the most original and coolest present nowadays. It is about luxury and exclusivity, and also an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


Avoid traditional boring presents and be exclusive. We combine experience and quality so that giving our gourmet product as a present becomes an unforgettable experience.


Our Ibérico Ham will become a quality sensory experience that not only will you have to discover, but also interpret within the wide variety of aromas that it contains.

It is about extraordinary diverse aromas, smells that reproduce unique combinations and ranges; aromas that tell about the quality of the Ibérico Ham and its essence.


In order to savour the nuances of the best quality Ibérico Ham you do not need to be a taster; you only need to be opened to sensations and be ready to enjoy them. That is why we are going to change your way 

to understand and savour Jamón; we are going to show you a gastronomic luxury that cannot compare to anything else.


The packs of just-sliced Jamón are placed in individual luxurious cases that are wrapped in woven paper. They are sent in handmade present boxes which have a refined exclusive design.

The box includes a personalised present card to write the message you want.


In Jamonify, perfect preparation of Ibérico Ham, packing and packaging down to the smallest detail turn this present into a luxurious extraordinary exclusive product.


Give this unique product as a present, an extraordinary original gourmet gift: the most exclusive Ibérico Ham in the world, a different unforgettable present.


Give a dream gastronomic journey as a present.


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