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Buy a Pata Negra Ham

Publicado 09/20/2013 23:43:25
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Buy a Pata Negra Ham

The term ‘patanegra’or black paw has been used for many years as a generic brand for acorn Iberian ham, the term was officially banned on October 15th 2005 and a new quality regulation was released to standardize and control the Iberian ham production, this regulation suits much better the production and marketing of the Iberian ham.


The term ‘patanegra’ has been used traditionally to name the best quality Iberian hams. The reason to call it ‘patanegra’ was due to the colour of Iberian breed pig skin and paws which are black. Professional Iberian ham producers agreed to end the use of the term ‘patanegra’ as it was confusing and did not render the real qualities of Iberian hams.


The fact is there are many pig breeds that have black skin so we can call them ‘patanegra’ but they are not Iberian breed pigs.


Therefore a ‘patanegra’  does not mean it belongs to an Iberian breed pig, even a White or pink pig may have dark grey paws some Iberian pigs might have lighter skin and paws  but they still belong genetically to Iberian breed pigs and their hams reach same quality standards as darker black Iberian pigs.


The current legislation makes very clear which animals can be raised to produce and market Iberian ham under the different regulating councils of Appellation d´Origin of Iberian ham, pig feeding is thoroughly regulated as it is key for developing the unique flavour and meat consistency of Iberian ham.


Regarding breeding of pig only 100% Iberian breed gilts and sows are allowed, for the boars three different breeds are allowed Iberian, Duroc and Duroc-Jersey, the resulting piglets can be 100% Iberian breed or mixed breeding.


As to feeding of the pigs we can distinguish between three different types of fattening which result in three distinctive qualities, we can talk about acorn Iberian ham (pig eats acorns and roams wild), fodder-acorn-fodder Iberian Ham and fodder Iberian ham


The acorn Iberian ham was known popularly as ‘patanegra’  ham and legislation complies the producers to meet these minimum quality standards. The minimum age to roam wild in the holm oak Woods is 10 months, the weight should be between 80,5 and 115 kilos and it should gain at least 46 kilos roaming wild and eating acorns.


Note that the term black paw or ‘pata negra’ has become a public domain term in Spain used to distinguish the best quality Iberian hams and basically describing top quality products or services based on excellence and exclusivity.


Patanegra will live forever on our collective imagination.

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