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Pata Negra Iberico ham: perfect food for athletes


Our exquisite Iberico ham has been suffering a nutritional misunderstanding as people wrongly think Iberico ham may get them fat. This is a mistake as 100 grams of Pata Negra Ibérico ham contain just 250 calories.

It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, actually Iberico ham is the second food that contains more oleicacid after olive oil and the proportion of saturated fats is one of the lowest beneath any type of food.


Iberico ham properties

Iberico ham is a super food recommended for everybody, specially athletes as it offers high quality proteins, actually it is a supercharged protein food as 100 grams of Iberico ham provide 45 grams of pure protein which makes it the most suitable food to develop muscle mass.


Iberico ham is full of vitamins like B group and E vitamin (a very powerful antioxidant) and also provides mineral like Copper key for bone and cartilage improvement Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Selenium which has been linked to anti-aging processes.


Athletes need to ingest a bigger quantity of some nutrients like B1, B2 and B6 vitamins, iron, zinc and above all carbohydrates which fuel the muscles when exercising and a good dose of proteins. Eating two slices of Iberico ham will cover around 15% to 23% of daily protein needs of a 60 kilogram athlete.


Practising a sport, means you need a huge quantity of energy and this is the moment when B group vitamins play their role helping the body to produce the amount of energy it needs. Besides the daily intake of iron and zinc for a healthy person who plays any sport are 15 milligrams.


Iron is necessary for our immune system and to prevent anemia, and can be found in good quantities in Iberico ham (100 grams of Iberico ham contains 2.3 milligrams of zinc and 1.98 milligrams of iron).


ham pregnancy



We can obtain all these nutrients enjoying some slices of the delicious Spanish ham known as Iberico ham or Pata Negra (black paw).


We have to take in account that to enjoy a healthy living and develop a great body we have to watch what we eat. Therefore we should include in our diet Iberico ham as it provides many benefits to our body and its proteins help our muscles to be in perfect shape and to recover quickly after practising sport.


Iberico Ham increases our mental capacity and delays fatigue

The South California University published a study which proves Iberico ham consumption increases mental capacity.

This study shows eating 20 milligrams of zinc five days a week during three months allows teenagers to have a more adaptable memory and greater mental abilities such as better focusing, understanding and mental retention.


The Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center claims Serrano ham can help really well delaying fatigue in athletes due to its iron content, B vitamins, and above all Zinc. Besides it is a good source of sodium, potassium and phosphorus.


sport and spanish ham


Beyond the benefits of physical exercise you have to know zinc plays a very active role in sex. Not only helps to regulate masculine sexuality but also has aphrodisiac properties and increases fertility. The study was done between a group of men from 20 to 40 years old whose zinc ingestion during 63 days was just 3.5 milligrams. All of them were incapable to perform any physical activity properly. Six months later these same men received 15 milligrams of zinc daily and they were able to develop perfectly well physical activities.


None of these two studies explain which is the best way to eat Iberico ham, as it can be essential for our health. We can eat it sliced, cubed or in shavings. It can be consumed on its own or with tomato bread (this the Catalonian way), together with a couple of fried eggs or in delicious and fresh cold melon soup ….Recipe does not matter, it will always be a delicious and really healthy food. So the known phrase Why all delicious foods fatten? Does not work with the Iberico ham.


In 1991 doctors Avelino Ortiz and Enrique Maciá, started a study that revealed if people were on a balance diet, consumption of Iberian pig products not only would not affect the health but they could contribute to keep the cholesterol levels in a safe range for the cardiovascular health. They would also improve the antioxidant levels of the body and lower the chance of suffering blood clots, validating this way the healthy properties of Iberico ham.


Acorn Iberico ham is much healthier than other Iberico ham types such as cebo (pigs are fed on fodder) or cebo campeado (pigs are fed on fodder and some acorns). These two types of Iberico ham possess some healthy properties but the healthiest Iberico ham is the acorn Iberico ham or Pata Negra ham. Therefore acorn Iberico ham should be included in the diet of any athlete (Spanish football team eats Iberico ham) or any person who wants to stay healthy.




We can firmly state that Iberico ham is the star among Spanish delicatessen with flavour and properties difficult to match. Let´s take advantage of these qualities and let´s enjoy its delicious flavour. We will find hundreds of recipes to appreciate it but honestly the best way to taste it is the simplest one just leave the Iberico ham slices at room temperature for some minutes and after let it melt in your mouth. This is the best method to savour every flavour within a slice of acorn Iberico ham Pata Negra the best and most natural Spanish ham.


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