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Why is Jamonify different?

Publicado 01/7/2015 17:50:46
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Why is Jamonify different?




6 Reasons why JAMONIFY is different from any other Gift and any other iberic ham.


Jamonify is a different concept concerning ham, linking the Iberian Ham (hand sliced) of the highest quality, with the most exclusive handcrafted design to create a unique gift.

Whay is Jamonify different? ham and gift


Reason 1. Breeding in liberty.

Jamonify is made from Iberian pigs that roam freely in the Dehesa, Mediterranean Forest in South-West Spain: 3 pigs every 2 hectares. Their feed is 100% natural: grass, aromatic herbs and acorns.


Reason 2. It is good for your heart.

During "montanera" pigs eat acorns, so the ham is a heart-healthy food with a juicy meat unique in taste and very low in saturated fat.


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Reason 3. It is naturally cured.

The ham is completely hand-cured: covered with salt and passed on to natural drying to melt its fine fat in the muscle tissue.


Reason 4. Hand-carved.

Carving by hand preserves the oil layer that protects the jamón ibérico de bellota, preventing aromatic losses to appreciate its 4 flavors.


Reason 5. Luxury packaging.

Jamon ibérico de bellota is vacuum packaged in individual envelopes and presented in luxurious handmade boxes with a refined design.


Reason 6. European delivery in 48 hours.

Orders are prepared within 24 h, are sent by express courier within 24 h, and are delivered in any city in Europe 48 h later.


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