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Which one should we choose between acorn-fed Iberico Ham and acorn-fed Iberico  shoulder?


When we have to choose between ham or pork shoulder we may not know exactly which differences between both products exist.


There are many opinions about this matter, that ham is tastier than pork shoulder due to the flavours contrast and many others defend the Iberico pork shoulder is more flavourful. We are naming the differences between both types of Iberico pork products and regarding flavour it will depend on the person who is tasting it.


Ham is made from the hind legs of the pork and the pork shoulder corresponds to the front legs of the swine.


Ham is bigger and its weigh is between 7.5 y 8 Kg (16.53 to 17.63 pounds) while the pork shoulder weighs normally less, around 5 Kg. (11 pounds)


Ham possesses a longer and thinner bone measuring around 70-90 cm and pork shoulder is smaller over 60-70 cm. It also happens with width, Ham is wider than pork shoulder, moreover ham structure is more and circular, pork shoulder is flatter and cover more shoulder surface of the hip. In fact we find much many holes in the pork shoulder, so it is much harder to cut the meat with a knife than in a piece of ham


That means although the product is the same, ham offers more meat quantity per kilogram than pork shoulder.




Curing time for ham is longer than pork shoulder lasting from 15 to 36 months, ham is more expensive than pork shoulder because there is more meat in ham and it is easier to cut bigger slices.


Bone represents 40 % of the total weight for pork shoulder, while ham is only 30% bone, this is another reason that explains why ham is more expensive than pork shoulder.

Another difference is Iberico Ham has less fat than pork shoulder and because of this many people tend to claim pork shoulder is more flavourful. But as we have said it depends on who tastes it.


What is really important regarding ham tasting is to choose the best quality Iberico hams and if it is acorn Iberico ham, much better.


We can choose ham or pork shoulder, but the most important thing is we have to make sure we are purchasing a good quality piece, this is of outmost importance to taste and enjoy a good acorn-fed Iberico ham.


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